Race to the Line Bio - Large Class Pack - 25 Car

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*THE LEARNING PARTNERSHIP IS TAKING ORDERS FOR RACE TO THE LINE BIO FOR DELIVERY IN April 2023. The Bio-degradable Block does however require a minimum order of 5000 blocks - (100 secondary schools taking part ordering 50 blocks each) - We have had 150 secondary schools confirm participation in the rocket car challenge this year, our first year back post Covid, but we are having the age-old challenge of securing payment from schools following these orders being placed with our team.

As soon as we have received payments from 50 schools, we will place the product order and then dispatch to all those that have paid. Unfortunately, the speed of this process is in the hands of teachers and schools, not The Learning Partnership, and where in pre-covid times we could place the order in advance we do not have the balance sheet to do this in 2023. 

The Learning Partnership reserves the right to refund your part payment in April 2023 if we have not reached the minimum threshold to make supporting race to the line viable for this school year. Please support us by being patient as we work with all schools to secure a future for this STEM challenge in schools in the UK.

Thank you

The Model Rocket Car Challenge that has engaged over 275,000 students age 9 -14 around the world.

Product includes

  • Bio-compostable Foam block with hole for 12 gram CO2 cannister 
  • wall plugs and screw eyes for tethering the car to track.
  • Optional extra - 100% recycled plastic wheels
  • Optional extra - Steel axels

Note - we do not supply as standard plastic wheels and steel axels as this is a good and simple design challenge for the kids to source recycled materials to make their own axels and wheels.

Bio-Sustainable Challenge Strategy.

Going forward any school can take part in Race to the Line, and the challenge will be entirely virtual. There will be no regional, national or global finals to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are replacing the prolusion system with CO2 cannisters to make the challenge even more environmentally friendly and safer for schools to manage.

All the materials to create your own CO2 launcher can be found in the challenge management area www.racetotheline.com

The kit you will need to receive from us to take part are the bio-compostable foam blocks. These are a new product from a new specialist supplier of bio-compostable foam products - BioViron

You might also need  the following to run the challenge

  • 35m tether line
  • Tether board
  • Braking system
  • Timing gate 
  • recycled plastic wheels
  • Co2 canisters which you can buy direct from Amazon and elsewhere

The teaching materials on the TLP website support students to design and manufacture their own wheels, however schools can, in addition to the above, add wheels to the order. If you choose to select this option, your delivery will include lightweight 100% recycled plastic wheels from McLaren Plastics.

Axels are no longer supplied as standard as this is a good design challenge for the students and the lighter designs make a huge difference to car performance. 

If you wish to create your own, details of this can be found on Page 12 of the Race To The Line Teacher Guide found at www.racetotheline.com 


Please note this product will be dispatched from September 2022 following the delivery of our next batch of blocks over the summer holidays. Please send a purchase order to orders@thelearningpartnership.com to secure your delivery for the new school year.