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Additional Ceramic Blades (Utility Knife, Pointed Tip)

Additional Ceramic Blades (Utility Knife, Pointed Tip)

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Utility Knife Blades have a pointed tip for cuts that require a piercing action. As with all Slice ceramics, our 10528 blades are non-sparking, non-magnetic, chemically inert, safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius, and never rust. These blades are compatible with all Slice utility knife models.

Blade type: pointed-tip replaceable
3 dual-sided blades per pack
Compatible tools: Slice® 10550, 10554, 10558
Finger-friendly® edge stays sharp 11x longer
Reduces injuries, lowers costs
Non-sparking, non-conductive, non-magnetic
Safe up to 1600 degrees Celsius
Chemically inert, never rusts
No-tool blade change
Fewer blade changes = fewer injuries
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Dimensions L 65.00 x W 12.00 x H 1.30

Weight 4.8g

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